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Pelican 1640 Case and Your Microscope

You are a scientist with the need for a microscope, which can travel with you. You are taking samples of soil, plant life, and insects. You need to be able to look at them and write your observations down. You need slides and extra lens in case yours break. There is also the wetting solution so your specimens do not dry out and stick to the slides.

Traveling can become difficult and you want a convenient way to keep your microscope and itsí accessories together and secure. The Pelican 1640 case can provide the room and security you are looking for.

The Pelican 1640 case is built with lightweight materials that have extra strength for those tough jobs. It can take everyday wear and tear and not break down. So you can carry it with you when you are out in the field. This case does not corrode or dent and chip. It is crushproof so dropping it will not phase it. It may get dusty and grimy, but just wipe it off and it looks like new.

The Pelican 1640 case is made with four 2-inch polyurethane wheels for rolling across dirt, pavement, and even soft sandy soil. There is an extendable handle for easy moving and turning. It has two rubber fold down handles on the sides for lifting. There are four patented double throw latches, which provide easy opening. These latches also keep it tightly sealed and waterproof. An air purge valve in the front keeps air flowing evenly in and out of the case but no water gets in. So if you happen to find yourself in water, it will keep everything inside dry up to a thirty-foot depth.

Inside your Pelican 1640 case there is an optional foam set. It can be customized to fit the shape of your microscope. This way it sits comfortably ensconced in high-density foam. This insures that it will remain in one piece even through the toughest terrain. It comes with dividers you can use between your accessories and your microscope so they do not damage each other.

For extra security your Pelican 1640 case has stainless steel pad lock protectors and can be ordered with an optional combination lock. Simply set your combination with a code that you pick out. This Pelican case has a nameplate that Pelican will engrave for you. You may choose from black or desert tan color schemes. This case has been approved to military standards so you know you can trust it.

Pelican gives their lifetime guarantee of excellence with this case. You can count on the Pelican 1640 case to keep your microscope safely. Whenever and wherever you need to take your equipment, the Pelican 1640 case comes through with flying colors.

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